Innovative, yet refined. Cutting-edge, yet strategic.

Accelerating businesses by fusing innovative technologies with creative thinking that spearheads the next generation.

We didn’t get to where we are today by simply sticking with the tried and true–we’re interested in the evolution. What’s the fun in doing what everyone else does? If there was a secret formula to the perfect marketing strategy, someone would have bottled it and sold it to the masses by now. Instead, each product, each brand, requires an individualized approach–a combination of specialized research, innovation, and strategy. We’re here to provide the attention that each CLAY creation deserves with the tools that work the best. 


Leveraging CLAY’s marketing consulting program gives you direct access to a team of experts who live and breathe marketing all day, every day. Think of us as an extension of your organization and your marketing team. We’re here to fill in knowledge-based gaps, leverage our expertise in your marketing efforts, and produce better results.

Strategic Marketing

Project Management

Persona Development

Content Creation

Performance Analysis

Systems and Reporting


We bring your brand to life by ideating the most influential and thoughtful design and production to put you front and center to get noticed. This process explores typography, logo, color, identity suite, marketing materials, site builds, templates, photography, videography and beyond.

Creative Direction



Marketing Strategy

Identity & Positioning

Packaging Design

Digital Media

Our digital services are curated and customized to our clients’ goals, ditching the one-size-fits-all approach. By providing a road map of where you’re at, where you’re going, and where you want to be, our team navigates the path to digital goals through social strategy, content creation, search engine marketing, website development, and more. We focus on using data-backed insights to push brands toward success.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

Paid Media

Performance Analysis

Digital Advertising

Public Relations

Lead Generation

Partnering with CLAY’s team of expert digital marketers allows you to identify new prospects online, optimize your advertising budget to build a sales pipeline, and much more. CLAY understands marketing’s role is to support sales. In order to do that effectively, understanding the sales process and the consumer journey is critical. Our experts create, launch, and optimize digital ads and landing pages with customizable journeys for all your chosen persona types.

Planning and Analysis


Landing Page Development


Email Marketing

Demand Generation


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